Jeremy Burnham

My life has been haunted by stones. Above are the Cow and Calf rocks that dominate the famous moor of Ilkley, Yorkshire, where I was born eight years before Hitler invaded Poland – just too young to confront him on the battlefield. Since then, it’s been quite an adventure: first, as an actor, trained at the Old Vic Drama School in London, then as an author and screenwriter.


Jeremy Burnham, British Writer, Actor and AuthorJeremy is a British screenwriter, actor and author who has appeared in, and written for the TV series ‘The Avengers‘, he has also written for many British TV programmes including ‘Minder‘ and ‘Inspector Morse‘. Jeremy made an appearance in many west-end plays, including ‘Hippo Dancing’ and ‘The Rehearsal’, he is also a co-author of ‘Children of the Stones‘, and has recently published a  ‘Return to the Stones‘.

It is with great sadness to announce Jeremy died peacefully on 31st December, 2020. His laugh, brilliant storytelling and mischievous quick wit will be especially missed.

The Burnham Family x