A Screenwriter’s Revenge

Bernard, an elderly screenwriter, fed up with  being
lectured by pretentious  young editors like Tarquin on construction,
characterisation, dialogue etc. , decides to re-submit one of his rejected
screenplays to the same independent production company under the name of Josh,
the young TV repairman who arrives to fix his television. Bernard then sends
the script to his agent, who sends it on to a contact in the company’s script
department. Everyone loves it, especially as Josh is extremely hunky. Despite
his girlfriend’s  doubts, Josh goes along with the plan because of the
money Bernard promises him, and the fact that Bernard will tell him what to say
at the interview through a walkie-talkie. When the script is accepted, He gives
the story to the papers, which sends a shockwave through the media and starts a
national debate about ageism….