A Rather English Marriage


A stage adaptation of Angela Lambert’s best-selling novel, about two men who start living together after their wives die in the same hospital at about the same time. Initially, the class barrier presents many problems, but because they are both lonely and needy a ‘Rather English Marriage’ slowly develops.

Played by Albert Finney and Tom Courtenay on television, it is the story of two lost souls who nurse each other through their grief and start to treat each other much better than they treated their wives. The last scene, when they dance together on New Year’s Eve, provokes both tears and laughter.

Unfortunately, Angela Lambert died a few years ago, but I still have a letter from her saying  she thought the script was ‘wonderful’.

Those are the three I’m most happy with. I also have a stage thriller called ‘Dead on Cue’ about a murder during a TV chat-show – in full view of the audience. But this is not on my computer, and and I’m not sure it’s worth typing it out – so I’ll leave that for the time being.

As regards books, ‘Children of the Stones’ and the sequel are both on kindle, as are ‘Raven’, ‘Break Point’ and ‘Mystery of the Tower’.

I also have two kids’ books – ‘Titania Perkins’ (about a teenage private detective) and ‘The Whingeybums Go on Holiday’  (about a family of whingers, intended as the first of a series) which I haven’t offered for publication yet.  I’ll give it some thought